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The chapel drawn by Elizabeth


Wolford Chapel from a drawing by Elizabeth. The chapel was dedicated in 1802.

The 200th Anniversary of the founding of Wolford Chapel, 23rd August, 2002.

In the centre, dressed in a red coat, is Mary Beacock Fryer and to her right is Major Diane Kruger.

Group at the 200th anniversary
John Graves Simcoe gravestone John Graves Simcoe gravestone: The inscription reads: "Sacred to the Memory of Lt. Gen. John Graves Simcoe, who died October 26th.1806, aged 54."
Gathering at Wolford Chapel, 2006.
Gathering at Wolford Chapel, 2006
Two great-great-great-granddaughters of General Simcoe


Two great-great-great-granddaughters of General Simcoe.


Richard Moorhouse, of the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Richard Moorhouse, of the Ontario Heritage Trust


Chris Dracott, biographer of General Simcoe, and Chairman of the Wolford Chapel committee.


Chris Draycott, biographer of General Simcoe