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A map of Elizabeth Simcoe's travels in parts of England and Wales, mostly driven by her coachman, John Bailey


Elizabeth Simcoe's UK Travels.

To N.Wales: to sketch in Snowdonia 1831.

Mid-wales: to visit the Devil's Bridge.

Exmoor: for a riding holiday with her husband.

Whitchurch: to visit the Old Court and check the Grave Enclosure.

Cheltenham: to the Spa, and to see her friend Dean Close.

Oundle, Northamptonshire: to visit her cousin, William Walcot.

Egloskerry: near Launceston, Cornwall, to see her 9 grandchildren at Penheale House.

Bude: to have a seaside break.

Isle of Wight: for a holiday.

London: to shop.

Weymouth: to embark for Canada(1791), and later,in July 1802, when invited to a regatta by George 111.

Plymouth: to accompany Lieut.Gen.Simcoe to Defence HQ,and to give birth to Henry Addington Simcoe in 1800.